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Cook for the Cure! Fight Breast Cancer with KitchenAid

I’ll never forget it. It was 6 o’clock in the morning, and I was passed out asleep. I get a call from my dad, telling me in a sad, apprehensive and somber voice, that my youngest aunt on my mom’s side had passed away from breast cancer. All I could do was let out the heavy dreaded sigh I’d …

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A Pink Nightmare

I’ve been using an incredibly incompetent food processor by Black & Decker for about 4 years now. It quickly went from good to bad, fast. I just figured I’d put up with it for as long as I could before I voted on a new one. Well, that time has come. I recently said “To hell with this raggedy ass food processor” after trying to do something as simple as creating pizza dough, and it couldn’t even do that without stalling! I immediately began doing price research for the KitchenAid 750 12 Cup Food Processor — which is highly favored among many people in the culinary world that I trust. I’ve wanted this machine for a very long time, but it was also technically discontinued. Womp. However, the last few that are floating around are still going for $150 to $200 dollars. We’re in a recession…I wanted this food processor, but I wasn’t about to spend that much for it right now (although I knew it’d be worth it). I simply didn’t have that kinda money set aside for a food processor, and this was an impulse buy lol. I needed this machine now and I needed it fast.

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