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Creamy Keto Potato Salad

Guys…this deliciously herbaceous, creamy keto potato salad will give you that feeling you’ve been missing at your cookouts and BBQ’s this summer. Turnips are a complete and utter blessing. I swear, they have become as much a staple in our keto diets as cauliflower (another wonder veggie). They’re great roasted, stewed, so many ways to prepare …

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Mixed Green Salad with Crunchy Shrimp & Lemon Vinaigrette

Every time I visit Wegmans — my holy grail food shopping mecca, I am guaranteed to overspend and buy stuff that isn’t even on my list. Something I always get, that’s never on my list is their big ass container of pre-washed mixed greens in the produce section. It’s a salad lovers dream. I am admittedly bad at eating vegetables every single day, so this salad is my savior. I basically grab a handful, toss it with about a tablespoon of whatever vinaigrette I want to seduce my senses, and keep it movin’. I had a few leftover shrimp just relaxin in my fridge and realized I had a few other yummy fixin’s to throw together. So I tossed a few shrimp with some seasoning, and lightly coated them with panko (Japanese breadcumbs, for those of you not in the know) and seared them until cooked thru and crisp. It turned out to be one of those yummy last minute dishes that you can prepare in minutes.

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