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Challah French Toast Waffles

These challah french toast waffles are amazing! I love waffles, and I love french toast. So I knew combining them would clearly satisfy two cravings in one. Flavorful, moist, and it’s literally french toast but with pockets! Pockets for butter, syrup, and loads of fruit. A breakfast/brunch dish with pockets for butter is my love …

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Sugar-crusted Vanilla Bean & Cinnamon French Toast

Good morning, even though it’s 2:29pm! But hopefully, this greeting will find you in good spirits early one morning when you decide to recreate this amazing and decadent dish. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love french toast. In order to be my friend, it is required that you love french toast, otherwise…we can’t kick it. You’re waiting for me to say “just kidding”, but you’ll be waiting a long damn time lol.

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