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Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcakes

You could argue that “red velvet” is overrated, and honestly, in many ways I’d probably agree with you. However, when it comes to the classics, red velvet cake and cupcakes are here to stay. I’ve seen some strange things become unnecessary red velvet versions of themselves, and I mean hey, it’s the food world — …

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Tequila & Lime Cupcakes

ERMAHGERD! We’re only a few days into Summer, officially…and I already hate it. Y’all, it’s unbearably hot outside. As soon as I open my front door, I am attacked by the hot sweaty steam of Satan’s scrotes. It aint fun! This heat makes my soul so weary. I can’t even enjoy normal activities because it’s just so damn hot outside. My car read 109 degrees yesterday and I basically cried — are we being punished?? Anyway, as long as I have these delicious lil boozed up cupcakes to cool me off, I won’t complain too much…for now lol.

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