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Creamy Chicken Tortellini Soup

Every single time I make soup, it never lasts long. This creamy chicken tortellini soup is no exception. I cannot front, this soup is truly phenomenal. Richly flavored, soothing, soulful, and super comforting. Rotisserie chicken allows this to be fuss-free, and the way it bathes in the creamy broth and soaks up even more flavor, …

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Roasted Chicken and Parmesan Herb Dumplings

This roasted chicken and parmesan herb dumplings recipe will blow your mind. I’m not even kidding. If you’ve ever wanted to put a warm hug from grandma into a bowl, this is it. Creamy, intensely flavored, and ridiculously comforting. Everything is so balanced in this dish, you’d think it took all day to make. It’s …

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Creamy Garlic and Tomato Shrimp and Fontina Grits

Not too many people breathing free oxygen dislike shrimp and grits. If there’s anyone out there who doesn’t love this southern classic (for reasons other than allergies, and even then, I’m still skeptical), I want nothing to do with them. Shrimp and grits just go so well together. I’m not a fan of bland grits, …

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Creamy Turkey Pot Pie with Puff Pastry

If I had a list of the most comforting things I’ve ever made, this would top that list. I’m getting sleepy just writing about it. This is the perfect rainy-day, nothing-else-to-do, nowhere-to-go, i’m-not-leaving-the-bed-and-you-can’t-make-me meal. It’s like a delicious, flavorful hug for your entire being. It’s all of these things without being too heavy, but let’s just face it — turkey makes you sleepy. This meal is “rustic”, it’s not supposed to look perfect, it’s just supposed to taste really good — and it does. There’s also no formal way to eat this — you just scoop n’serve!

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