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How To Reheat Taco Shells and Keep Their Shape

You know, one of the main problems with reheating store-bought taco shells is that they often close up in the oven when heating thru, making them super hard to fill later. Then you end up breaking a few and you’re forced to have “struggle nachos” instead of tacos. Don’t you hate that? I mean, you could stand them up on their tips but that’s not always foolproof because sometimes they tip over if one side is longer than the other, and even then they still find a way to close up on you.

Ohhhh, the sheer magnitude of your taco frustration!!

So what should you do? You could fry your own, but let’s be serious — not everyone feels like doing that all of the time, nor do they even have the time. So for all of you who appreciate a decent shortcut, here’s your solution…

How To Reheat Store-bought Taco Shells

Lay your taco shells down on the baking sheet as you normally would and insert a small, loosely balled up piece of aluminum foil inside each shell, making sure it’s wedged in there just enough to keep the shell propped open. Be gentle when inserting the foil, as you don’t want to break your shell in half. Best of all, you can reuse these balls of foil over and over for as long as you want. Just keep them in a freezer size ziploc bag to give them room so that they don’t get squished wherever you decide to store them. Proceed to toast the shells according to the manufacturer’s instructions and fill them up with awesomeness.

And it’s that simple!

Happy taco eating 😉

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  1. Donna says:

    Can you use flour tortillas when frying instead of the corn?

    • Resha says:

      I wouldn’t recommend it. The texture would be very hard and stiff and not very enjoyable to eat.

      • Donna says:

        Thanks for responding!!! I am really enjoying your tasty recipes and the step-by-step pictures of what it should like are an added bonus. I will be trying the tex-mex beef tacos for a Super Bowl party. Can’t wait to see hoiw they turn outl

  2. Meri says:

    Love the tips & tricks. I’m sure you have plenty! keep em coming!

  3. Kim says:

    you can also just hang the shells on the wire rack in the oven and they wont collapse 🙂

  4. Tashieka says:

    does this work for warming up homemade shells? i like to fry mine fresh. nothing beats that crisp crunch.

    • admin says:

      homemade shells should work the same if you experience droopage, which you shouldn’t…but in case you do, it wont hurt.